The last decade has been the decade of disruption. Staring from information and communication technologies to digital disruption, the nature of work, its environment, and the roles of workers has been changing constantly. Accordingly, the new business models and the evolving work culture demand for appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude in the aspiring business managers and leaders to succeed. The New Education Policy(NEP-2020) has envisioned the education including business/management education in a larger perspective. It has tried to strike a balance in the functional expertise needed to succeed in career, well-being, and social impact. The NEP advocates for multidisciplinary education with emphasis of developing twenty first century skills, building capabilities for undertaking research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The model curriculum for MBA implemented by AICTE in 2017 for the first time brought in standardisation in curriculum of the B-Schools, and also, provided a good reference for designing curriculum by the respective institutions to meet their vision, mission and programme outcome. However, in view of implementation of NEP 2020 the B-School curriculum needs to be restructuredto meet its objectives as well as the requirements of future of work.

The new model curriculum as being proposed by AICTE needs to incorporate courses on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and robotics; data analytics and their business applications. It also needs to weave in creativity and innovation, leadership, human values along with courses offering functional electives.It is high time that the B-School curriculum includes provision for providing sectoral specialisation electives, and also short duration programmes may be of one year. While AICTE prepares to launch the new model curriculum, it should conduct workshops across the country to create right understanding amongst theB-Schools for implementing it in the right spirit.

The Article is written by Dr. Jitendra Kumar Mishra, Director, Jaipuria School of Business, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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