Even though most senior citizens are self-sufficient with adequate financial resources nowadays, we can’t ignore the fact that they need proper support at one point or the other. Be it the maid to do the household chores or the medical help given by a caretaker or a cook or a driver, such services are always required. Living alone in their dwelling places isn’t still safe, especially when they stay alone.

This is where the retirement homes come in. These senior living homes come with all the required facilities, starting with integrated medical facilities with qualified doctors & therapists, cooks, drivers, housekeeping staff, janitors, security staff and others. In today’s time, senior retirement homes have become the need of the hour, and that’s what paved the way for the establishment of the Second Innings Home.

This is one of the largest and the friendliest communities for the elders and seniors who need special care and attention during their evening hours of life. So, let’s discover how Second Innings Home will provide you a happy, sated, and secured lifestyle.

Suites designed to cater to the needs of seniors
Second Innings Homes have multiple suite styles, starting from normal 2BHK rooms to the ones coupled with a separate study designed aptly to cater to the elders’ needs. This way, they would never out of place and can spend their days peacefully, basking in the warmth of the retirement homes.

Appropriate psychological support during the old age
Aging can sometimes become quite overwhelming for senior people. Sometimes, they become quite upset over their age, while sometimes; they become stubborn in doing their chores that they stop caring for their health. Since older people undergo several physiological and psychological changes, most retirement homes provide help, making this aging transition smoother and acceptable for the seniors.

Multiple living options for seniors
At Second Innings Home, seniors will have two options for a living- care community and independent living. If a senior person can do his tasks, he will be liberated to complete the daily tasks without any assisting help. As for seniors suffering from any illness and can’t do a simple activity, proper care will be provided.

Access to amenities within the living complex
Within the gated community of Second Innings Home, the seniors will have all the amenities, be it drivers or help for household chores. Apart from this, multiple stores are present within the community for groceries, medicines, and other needs. This way, no one will have to suffer from the very idea of going outside the community all alone.

Group activities for enhanced social skills
To enhance social skills, the retirement homes always organize group events like sports, picnics, meetings, musical events, and so on. These group activities allow the seniors to participate in friendly activities and improve their social behavior.

Apart from all these benefits, the main advantage of living in a retirement home during old age is the uncanny peace of mind. Retirement homes are nothing but a community where senior people can spend their days amidst others of similar age matching their wavelength of lifestyle. 24X7 help will be available, which will further make their lives peaceful and tension-free.

This Article is provided by Mr. Anil Kumar Siddhu. He is an Angel Investor at Inflection Point Ventures.

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  1. A well visioned man ANIL SIDDU . A thought for a better peaceful and respectable living for the seniors may perhaps could be the best innovative step towards more humanness of the century ,

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