Ques 1: Being the Chancellor of a University, kindly tell us about your experience in the education industry and what makes it the best industry to work in?

Ans- Let me first of all tell you that I belong to a family who is born in a family running educational Institutions. My father has been my role model and he has been successfully running a School, Institute affiliated to GGSIP University, Running a school for the differently able children etc. My inspiration as well as my grooming as an Educator is all done under my father. Though our family has other businesses too, my passion to become an Educator was paramount.

Ques 2: What is your philosophy of leadership? How would you describe your leadership style?

Ans- I have always believed in collective leadership and basically I am a team player and like my co-workers to contribute on a continuous basis towards growth of the University, considering the University as their own. They should have a sense of belonging to the organization, is my only requirement.

Ques 3: Any of the significant challenges you faced as the Chancellor of a University?

Ans- Any work, which does not pose challenging situations, does not appeal to me. I like to take the challenges head on and enjoy the journey of surmounting and the outcome. First challenge was to get the status of a Private University and thereafter managing the affairs is itself a task, I enjoyed. Finding the right people is another big challenge. Inculcating a sense of pride and honor in the students and making them good human beings is another challenge.

Ques 4: Sanskriti University is in Top 30 in India and 4th in Uttar Pradesh as per Atal ranking 2021. Tell us about the efforts in taking it to that level and how do you plan to take the University to greater heights?

Ans- As stated earlier I am a team player and have faith in my co-workers. It is because of the team effort that the University has achieved the rankings. The same enthusiasm and zeal of my team will take the University to greater heights, I am sure.

Ques 5: When heading an Educational University, it is very important to have a dynamic approach towards both student and faculty development. How do you achieve that?

Ans- My approach has always been dynamic and flexible. My team of faculty is constantly mentoring students and we try to give the best in terms of teaching, conducting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I have no hesitation in admitting that the non-teaching activities are all managed by students. This is a big opportunity for them to learn the aspects and traits of team building, leadership etc. Faculty is exposed to FDPs as well as they are involved in conducting seminars/ conferences apart from their research and skill based teaching.

Ques 6: Your University has students coming from different backgrounds as well as different states of the country. How do you build a positive culture or climate among the students?

Ans- Our Campus truly has a cosmopolitan culture as students from 22 states as well students from other countries are studying in different courses. The University celebrates all the festivals with full involvement of all students. This way they learn the culture and ethos of other states and countries. They are our proud Global citizens.

Ques 7: How do you tend to establish a relation with the students being the Chancellor of the University? How do you make yourselves available to them?

Ans- My relationship with the students is based on an open door policy. Any student can meet me after getting an appointment from my secretary by furnishing the purpose etc. Moreover, my availability on campus gives me ample opportunities to interact with the students at least once a month.

Ques 8: Any suggestions you would like to give to the current youth and the aspiring students?

Ans- My humble suggestion to the students is that they should all try to be good human beings first and successful managers later. My emphasis has always been on making them self-employed rather than employees. Life skills are very close to my heart, which all our students have to learn.

This Interview is done with Mr. Sachin Gupta, Chancellor, Sanskriti University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.  

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