In the contemporary globalized and interconnected world, more and more executives need to perform “global work.” Global work can be defined as interacting across different cultures and markets, and it can be done either virtually or in person. This entails dealing with complexity as the context changes on several levels and at varying speeds. Added to this is the interdependence or ambiguity that exists when operating in different locations.

Gone are the days when the word ‘global’ was synonymous with only Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The future world market is undoubtedly going to be dominated at locations where the middle class will boom – Africa, India, Latin America and Asia. As management educators, B-schools must empower the future leaders with a global perspective in order to ensure that they are well braced to make a mark for themselves anywhere in the world.

It is not just enough to know about a particular country in this expanding world with tapered boundaries. A global mindset is increasingly crucial to surviving in this competitive business world, where every economy and business is interconnected. Thus knowledge of international markets is vital. The importance of international exposure has become more significant than ever due to the increase in small and medium sized enterprises being involved in businesses overseas and also the increase in cross- border mergers and acquisitions.

Global exposure makes students more sensitive to different cultures and makes accepting cultural diversity readily. Moreover, it helps students to learn geographically transferable skills. At IMS Ghaziabad, a number of initiatives have been taken in this direction. A novel initiative- “Special Talk Series” comprising of deliberations in five different aspects namely, Global Talk Series, Expert Talk Series, Corporate Talk Series, Alumni Talk Series, Entrepreneurial Talk Series has been started in IMS Ghaziabad for our budding managers with the twin pronged objectives in mind; firstly, to cater to the needs of holistic development & academic excellence of our PGDM students and secondly providing opportunity to our students to learn from the experience of  eminent industry stalwarts, prominent academicians and   entrepreneurs   from India and abroad. These talk series   empower the students in understanding the latest trends and   challenges of the corporate world that will help them in visualizing their goals and setting their future in the industry.

To further broaden the horizons of our students, we have partnered with reputed Global experts to collaborate with us as Adjunct Faculty for three subjects. The institute has integrated with the world through enhanced diversity in its programs and augmented networks that foster multilateral exchanges with panorama for creativity and innovation. We move ahead with an aim to deeply engrave IMS Ghaziabad as a globally acclaimed brand in India.

This Article is written by Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director, Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Ghaziabad.

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