Ques.1- Being the Vice President of a University, kindly tell us about your experience in the Education Industry and what makes it the best Industry to work in?

Ans- I come from a classical consulting background at PricewaterhouseCoopers. And I’ve spent more than a decade in the corporate.

However, an education institution is like the foundation that everyone remembers. There are experiences and stories in the education industry which can’t beat any other. I think it is the only industry that you can actually have a lot of fun to work in, meet people of different age groups, from varied walks of life but still contribute a great deal towards making early memories of a person, creating experiences and building careers. I feel fortunate to be a part of this vibrant industry.

Ques.2- ‘Shoolini’ name is very unique in itself. From where it has taken, Any motto or story you want to share with our readers behind this name?

Ans- The beginning of Shoolini is a very interesting story. Our Founder & Chancellor, Dr. P K Khosla, a Commonwealth Fellow, an alumnus of Oxford University, and a world renowned Geneticist started this university after he retired! Can you imagine starting a university at the age of sixty? He desperately felt the need of establishing a research and innovation intensive university since there was none in India at that time. Even today, there is not a true research university in India. Dr. Khosla is more than eighty now and he gives everyday of his life to the university. That’s what makes us one of the top 100 universities in India, despite being so young.

About the name – ‘Shoolini’ is the goddess of Solan and Shoolini Mata’s temple is situated at the top of the hill of the Shoolini campus. The Founders never wanted to name the university with their names/surnames. We feel Shoolini Mata’s presence and her blessings all the time and all our events and new initiatives begin by offering our prayers to her.

Ques.3- As University is situated in Solan, Himachal Pradesh and Himachal is famous for it’s scenic view, pleasant weather and peace,  so how it attract to students come from India and overseas?

Ans- Shoolini is one of the rare campuses that actively encourages its students and faculty to pursue innovation and research on a daily basis. We focus on areas with deep impact on uplifting health and human lives, such as cancer, multi-drug resistance, AI, food, water and sustainability. You could be a biologist, a chemist, an engineer, a liberal arts student, or even a yoga practitioner to pursue your research interests in any of our 24*7 world-class labs. We have filed 850+ patents so far and we are so young!

Add to this 10,000 acres of pine forests that Shoolini is surrounded with! And our award winning, inspiring, modern, cutting edge and hi-tech infrastructure. In many ways, this is the best place for learning, innovation and research. City campuses usually have a lot of distraction. We have one of India’s most inspiring & beautiful campuses with tree houses & trekking trails, a student village managed by one of the world’s leading student housing companies, a highly awarded 24*7 library, 100+ cutting edge research labs, seamless and hi-speed Wi-Fi from classroom, to playground to bed! We also have a mini cricket stadium, an indoor sports complex, modern gyms, a Cineplex, gardens, meditation center, tree houses, cafes, and much more!

Ques.4- Education sector is gradually moving towards digital age. What according to you is Shoolini University doing to prepare the students for the same?

Ans- That’s absolutely true and the pandemic time was the most important time to test it and enhance it. But honestly, at Shoolini, we started a hybrid model of teaching long back and hence post the announcement of March 2020 lockdown, it just took us record seven days to take the entire teaching and learning online. Besides an AI powered learning management system developed inhouse, we have unlimited online library resources, unlimited Coursera courses for our students and faculty members.

We’ve been ranked #1 in India for online education, ‘Overall’ Top 20 among all Indian private universities consistently by prestigious media houses such as India Today, Outlook and Education World, apart from our other rankings.

Ques.5- Do you agree that this pandemic brought a technical revolution in the Education Industry and what is the positive aspects of this pandemic?

Ans- Oh absolutely! Like I mentioned earlier, the need for digital learning multiplied during the pandemic. I think many conventional thinkers learnt to accept the digital and virtual way of learning and that has been a major change in the education industry. Learning has moved beyond geographical boundaries and age. Everyone has started acquiring new skills and I think that’s the best part. The world has now truly become a global connected village where everyone is exchanging ideas, knowledge and learning, irrespective of where they are.

 Ques.6- What your University is doing for those students who are totally dependent on Placements apart from the startup?

Ans- We have a phenomenal placement department with an option of Executive Coaching. We are among a handful of universities who have introduced Executive Coaching for students. It is primarily to handhold students, assign a corporate mentor and give one-on-one guidance to students. It is extremely powerful for those students who are a little scared to come out and showcase their skills.

Shoolini has over 250 partnerships with top global universities in the USA, UK, Europe, China, Korea, Taiwan, South America & South Africa. We have tie-ups with several leading corporates for placements and research. IBM, Amazon, Coursera, Genpact, Nestle, Meridian, AADDOO, Benori Capital, and Biocon, are few such names.

Our placement department gets some top global and national companies to the campus such as Accenture, Oyo Rooms, Microtek, Mercer, some of the top financial institutions have been consistently recruiting from our university. Students undergo a highly specialized skills program (SPRINT) every semester for overall development and placements. We have one of the best student placement records. 100% of our MBA and over 90% of other students get placed in leading Indian and global corporates.

 Ques.7- How exactly are you helping students who come to your University during Students Exchange Programme?

Ans- We live in a global village where everyone communicates and harmonizes in a single community. This new paradigm calls us to break away from differences in language, culture, and nationality to participate in globalization. For this, we send students to learn foreign languages and experience the culture of the place of origin on international programs. They enjoy access to excellent teachers, student centred education, and an advanced education environment. This helps a student not only to learn the language but also understand foreign culture.

We also have a summer internship program for international students at Shoolini University. The objective is to help them carry out research in a new place and provide research training related to science and technology. During these summer internships, students can participate in an eight-week training course.

Ques.8- Any suggestion you want to give for Aspirants who are looking for admission to shaping their future?

Ans- Shoolini University admissions process is completely online, and we judge students on both aptitude and attitude. Complete Admissions process is online and first step is to submit an online form www.shooliniuniversity.com.

My only request to current students and aspirants is to contribute towards solving social problems, be it any course or academic path they choose. In Shoolini, we constantly encourage our students and faculty to actively pursue their passion in innovation and research. We focus on areas with deep impact on uplifting health and human lives, such as cancer, multi-drug resistance, AI, food, water and sustainability. You could be a biologist, a chemist, an engineer, a liberal arts student, or even a yoga practitioner to pursue your research interests in any of our 24*7 world-class labs.

The Interview is done with Ms. Avnee Khosla, Trustee/Vice President, Shoolini University, Solan, Himachal Pradesh by Deepali Sachan.

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