Ques.1- You have been in the Education sector over the decade. And you have seen all the ups and downs, so what according to you, are some of the key changes that happened over the years. Please share your experience?

Ans- India has the largest youth population in the world. Higher Education has robust demand in the nation now. ’Study in India’ program has increased by 146% by 2021. The Education Market in India is expected to expand US$ 225 billion by 2025.

Significant fluctuations in Education Industry in the last few years is based on Empowering Infrastructure: Now most of the Institutions are with infrastructural facilities, laboratories, digital libraries, workshops & high speed Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance teaching, training with research capabilities.

Colleges & Universities are cradles of innovation and knowledge creation. This initiative will create more market fit human resources who will be the repositories of the intellectual wealth in the Science & Technology sector. They can lead the overall socioeconomic development of the country tomorrow.

New age campuses are very much Eco friendly, they thrive on green campus, use of solar design and other renewable energy. Then Pedagogy of Teaching: Contemporary Course Curriculum designed as per industry requirement. This new curriculum has been crafted in such a manner that there is less theory, more practical & projects based. Another point to be added, that Experiential Learning technique is in trend now.

To energize and position Students’ clubs/ Chapters/ Societies as facilitating entities for pursuit of individual interests, creative work, showcasing talent, networking and teamwork opportunities, social experience; organization and management skills, exposure to professional ethics etc. followed by Flipped Classroom Methodology, this methodology advocates that theory learning or lectures are delivered to students via Videos or slides at their homes using latest technologies like virtual classrooms and video lectures. Students are asked to solve problems based on earlier lectures.

Traditionally, the teacher engages with the students who ask questions, but those who don’t ask tend to need the most attention. In a new trend flipping allows a teacher to target those who need the most help rather than the most confident. Another most important segment is Research & Development, which is now @ focal point.

Ques.2-  OP Jindal University is called the “University of Steel technology and management”. Any motto or story behind this?

Ans- Market needs to market opportunities are the key factors to build a university which is called “University of Steel technology and management”. This is the first private of its kind.

OP Jindal University (OPJU), Raigarh initiated by the Jindal and Steel and Power Ltd., (JSPL) Group to cater to the needs of the entire Indian Iron & Steel producers and User Industries. The Centre for Sustainable Technology and Product Development (CSTPD) has been established here as well for excellence.

Location is remote but rare, as the university is surrounded by approximately 200 Steel & Iron Industries, which is a new-fangled horizon for internship-based learning for the students. Rich states in steel production & steel industries in India are Chhattisgarh, Odisha & Jharkhand. Raigarh is in Chhattisgarh, this place is closely connected with Odisha & Jharkhand, again which unfold numbers of job opportunities. This location also opens up opportunities to bring CEOs or specialists from the industries to share experience with OPJU students.

Last but not the least, this University is also a tribute to all those people from Chhattisgarh, Odisha & Jharkhand, who have contributed to build the Jindal Empire. Bringing Higher Education @the door step of the tribal population of these states, who generally work with the steel industry, is one of strongest reasons to build this University.

Ques.3- According to you, why should students choose OP Jindal University?

Ans-  The Indian steel industry is growing fast, but there is no other private university in India dedicated to steel technology. In this context, it’s not only a choice, it’s rather an opportunity to build a steel strong career to benefit in steel industry requirements & work environment.  Along with that we have a school of management under the same roof, as a candidate B Tech with MBA can be a unique combination to grab the market opportunities.

Here students are groomed & mentored to contribute as per the professional need through Learning by Doing is the dominant refrain of our pedagogy. We also give special focus for developing critical thinking & analytical skills in students.

We always make our students abreast of the latest happening in the industry & tech world to become Industry Ready @ any point for any role.

Ques.4- How does the Career Development Centre (CDC) support the students of OP Jindal University?

Ans- In our Career Development Centre, we do not provide just placement opportunities, We prepare our students as ocean of opportunities for the relevant industries. We throw challenges to our students to prove their ability as best fit. Sculpting career is possible only by the perfect blend of awareness & the appropriate support. In each & every domain we try to groom our students to bridge the current prerequisite of the industry by accumulative experience & seasoned knowledge of Industry Maestros and to meet the purpose, we invite industry experts on a regular basis. Industrial visits and projects are regular exercises in this university, which is compulsory for every student.  Innovation and Entrepreneur Cell is also dynamic to support business incubation activities.

We @ OPJU nurture, create and polish each individual for enriching future. We believe in building bridges between learning and career. We @OPJU ensure that every student develops the right kind of attitude, aptitude for a successful career and future. We cater to make our students industry ready through various in-house and external training programs like, Mock interviews, GD, Resume building, Quantitative, Reasoning, Verbal ability, Vocabulary building etc.

The Mantra of OPJU is “Learning by Doing” which is identical to Internships along with academic learning. Students can have experience to enhance the understanding of academic theories. 02 years of Industry Internships is the compulsory rule for every student of OPJU along with that, there is provision for a semester-long internship as well. Besides this, we do provide long term internships right from 5th semester to get hands-on experience of the industry with Pre-Placement Offer.

Ques.5- What do you think, Is Edtech a threat or an opportunity for the Traditional Schooling System?

Ans- Edtech is not a threat, it is a modification that we need to familiarize with, by realizing the potential of technology in education. Better we can say, it’s a strategy for bridging the gap between the education providers & the technology industry.

Technology is often related to augmented automation & reduced human resources, although within the education sector it will never substitute the role of our great teachers. However, I believe technology can be an effective tool to bring multi dimension in teaching learning approach to make students more engaged & more market ready.

Ques.6- Can you share about placement cells and drives run in the campus, also how cells are running smooth drives. And name the top companies that come to the campus for placement?

 Ans- We have a well-established Placement cell run by a prudent team; we call it Career Development Centre. Here, we operate round the year to facilitate connection between company & university. Our Mission is to achieve 100% placement for students through dedication and complete involvement. We do bi-focal tasks; on one hand we connect

our students with reputed industries, on the other hand we counsel & train students to prepare them for industries & corporates through various workshops & training modules. We also work to enhance the student’s interest towards entrepreneurship and business strategies.

The recruitment process goes like this: we connect with companies & invite them to our campus for placement drives as per their requirements. We follow online and physical mode (both ways) depending upon the circumstances. Preparing the recruitment schedule for the year, inviting corporations for pre-placement talks on the campus followed by final placements and overseeing the process is our responsibility. The cell endeavors to carry out successfully all the processes methodically throughout the year.


This Interview is done with Dr. R D Patidar, Vice Chancellor, OP Jindal University, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh.

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