You may have learnt and heard about Entrepreneurship buzzing all over more recently than 20 years before. So What is entrepreneurship? Is it just running a business? or setting it up and running? Or Just financing it ? . In my view it includes to all of them. The next question which comes to the mind is , is it necessary to find and do something radical to be called as an entrepreneur ? No not at all. Entrepreneurship is all about solving someone or anyone’s problem with a set business model

Now let’s come to the topic. THE MOST WANTED ENTREPRENEUR. There are many of them already in India and abroad be it UNICORN Founders or CONGLOMERATE Founders or for that matter anyone who could give great returns to the investor community along with solving some basic problems prevailing. One easy example is Mr Ritesh from OYO. Who in the country doesn’t know him? So, to be the most wanted entrepreneur
Find a pressing problem and solve it either with technology or by skill
Create a sustainable and scalable business model where in you have your revenue stream, customers, suppliers everything well carved out
Never sit on the business as a founder doing day to day operational activities once you have passed a certain level of milestone such as a sizeable revenue value / sizeable customer base.
Be always humble and aware of the weaknesses and limitations as well as the potential challenges which could come up.
Always think a month ahead in terms of numbers/milestones/delivery or SLA. This way you will have all your bases covered if at all things don’t fall as per your plan
You should have a long-term plan for your venture and have all the decisions accordingly at each stage.
You need to understand the importance of growing and benchmarking talent.

While a founder / entrepreneur of a deep tech company or B2B software is likely to have very specific sector knowledge, this doesn’t necessarily hold true when it comes to being a most wanted entrepreneur or an UNICORN founder in general.

The Article is written by Mr. Srivas Ananthraman, Founder & CEO, First Feet Engineering.

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