Online education has been the new normal in learning in the past two years. However, we cannot thoroughly discredit traditional education or face-to-face learning. I still believe that campus-based learning for a premier management institute like ours will always be the dominant teaching mode. Moreover, there are now two options of education that are proving to work just fine, whether online or hybrid (blended mode of physical and online education). Perhaps, no method works the same for everyone. The same theory applies when absorbing knowledge. So let’s dig a little deeper into online education vs. traditional education and the benefits of both of these educational methodologies.

Brick and mortar education is still the most dominant form of pursuing management education. It allows students to interact, discuss case studies in groups and with faculty, and feel more responsible. It also exposes students to practical skills that can benefit their future careers. At the same time, online education takes place over the Internet. Often referred to as “eLearning” or “distance learning,” it involves the umbrella term for any learning that takes place across distance by embracing technology. Many institutes, including us, nowadays use learning management systems such as Moodle, Zoom, Skype, or similar software as a replacement for traditional classrooms. Assignments are submitted online, discussions are in a forum format, recording online lectures, and emailing faculties are prompt.

In essence, each of the above learning options comes with a fair share of challenges. It’s all about finding an option where overall equilibrium becomes better. Before deciding which alternative to choose between online education vs. traditional education that works best for your education needs, you must objectively look at the strength of both options. A student should look at it from flexibility, affordability, practicality, and discipline of taking classes. It’s upon the student’s interest to decide which education system to enroll. It all boils down to learning practical skills in a given field of career or expertise. Online education systems can work better for some, while traditional on-campus education is still the best for management education.

The Article is written by Prof. Janat Shah, Director, IIM Udaipur.

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