The Pandemic has shown us the enormous possibilities as far as Education sector goes,which includes various platforms of online education like introduction of LMS,Online degree programs,Certification courses etc.,The positives of this can never be underestimated, without these possibilities,the whole Education system would have come to a stand still by now.This has given flexible learning options and is advantageous in more than one way like decrease in cost compared to traditional set up since the number of employees can be minimized,requirement for infrastructure is also minimal,travel expenses to the student can also be avoided,leads to better Man power utilization and a lot of time is also saved.

All this being said Online education can be a boon as of now only in well developed countries where network accessibility is not an issue,Parents and students are familiar with technology use,and affordable to buy gadgets.

In developing countries and underdeveloped countries where Radios and Television are also still a dream, online education is just another fancy word.

Traditional classroom teaching has its own advantages and the most powerful advantage being that it gives a human touch ,the basic requirement for the mental well being and sociological development of any human.

Online education might be a better option at the level of Higher education but definitely not at the primary level of schooling.

A balanced mix of traditional and online education might be the choice for the future.

The Article is written by Dr.B.Sendilkumar, Dean & Director – Allied Health Sciences, Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation-Deemed to be University, Salem,Tamilnadu and Head Transformation-VIMS Hospitals, Salem,Tamilnadu

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