Anti-Terror Cops Interrogating Pak Woman, UP Man Who Fell In Love On PUBG

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The Anti-Terror Squad of Uttar Pradesh Police is interrogating Seema Ghulam Haider, the Pakistani woman who sneaked into India with her four children to live with Sachin Meena, who she had befriended through an online gaming platform. 

Sachin Meena and his father are also being interrogated along with Seema Haider at a secret location in Noida.

Seema, 30, and Sachin, 22, live in Greater Noida, near Delhi, where Sachin runs a grocery store, according to the Uttar Pradesh Police. They met online in 2019 while playing the online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

While Seema was arrested on July 4 for illegally entering India without a visa via Nepal with her four children – all below seven years of age, Sachin was jailed for sheltering the illegal immigrants.

On July 4, both Sachin and Seema confessed their love for each other in front of the media and police, urging the government to allow them to get married and stay together in India.

“My husband is a Hindu, so I am a Hindu. I feel I am an Indian now,” Seema told NDTV after getting bail earlier this month.

In a video message from Saudi Arabia, Seema’s husband Ghulam Haider has urged the Indian government to help him reunite with his wife. However, Seema told reporters that she did not wish to go back to Ghulam Haider and claimed a threat to her life if she returns to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police has received a call from an unidentified person warning of a 26/11-like terror attack if Seema Haider did not return to her country.

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