As BCCI Gets USD 230 Million Of ICC’s Revenue, Pakistan Board Will Earn…

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The Pakistan Cricket Board wasn’t entirely happy as the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the revenue share percentages of the USD 600 million pool. The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) expectedly got the biggest chunk, earning a whopping USD 230 million, which comes out to be 38.5 percent of the overall ICC revenue. The PCB, on the other hand, got 5.75 percent of the overall sum, earning USD 34.51 million in the 2024-27 cycle.

While PCB’s share grew by almost twice the amount it earned previously, the baord expressed dissent at the current system that decides the share of revenue.

“PCB, in accordance with its constitutional right, has over the past few weeks and at the ICC Meetings, consistently sought additional information to better understand the rationale behind allocation of weightages to each of the criteria and the calculation of the distributions,” the board said in a statement.

“The PCB felt in the absence of all relevant information, data and formulae, such a significant decision should not be taken in haste,” the statement further read.

The PCB had proposed that the voting process of the model’s approval should be postponed to the next ICC meeting. However, other members didn’t agree with the Pakistan board’s suggestion, prompting the ICC to finalise the model.

Though the PCB hasn’t been in agreement with the revenue model, it did welcome the fact that the board will be earning about twice the money it did before.

“Ultimately, majority of members did not find it feasible to defer this item and voted in favour of passing the Model, while the PCB recorded its dissent as a matter principle,” the statement added.

“This increased share of revenue will mean that a far greater investment can be made in developing cricketing skills and will be beneficial in taking Pakistan Cricket to new heights,” it noted.

The PCB also confirmed that the schedule for the hybrid model of Asia Cup will be released this week.

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