“Had No Clue Who Yuzi Chahal Was”: Wife Dhanashree Makes Candid Confession

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Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal is primarily known for his ability to deceive batters with his spin bowling. But, away from the field, the leg-spinner also managed to win over the hearts of Dhanashree Verma, now his wife. In a never-heard-before revelation, both Chahal and his Dhanashree opened up on their journey, starting from how they got to know each other to eventually deciding to tie the knot. During an interview, Dhanashree even revealed that she didn’t even know that Chahal was an Indian cricketer when the two met for the first time.

In a chat on The Ranveer Show, Chahal revealed that he had first sent a message to Dhanashree as he wanted to learn dance. 

“I Had DMd her, having seen her dance on TikTok and a number of other reels. I asked her if gives classes as I had nothing to do in Lockdown. I wanted to learn something new. Once I messaged her, we started with online classes. First two months, we didn’t talk about anything else but dance. I didn’t flirt at all. We are not even friends, only had dance-related talks,” he said.

The India spinner even said that he was impressed by how lively Dhanashree was even during the miserable times of Covid lockdown. Having been impressed by her vibes, Chahal then decided to pop the question and asked her to marry him.

“I asked her how are you so happy, even during this phase of lockdown. Then she started to talk about her life. That is where our conversations started. I liked her vibes. She is a self-made woman like I am a self-made man. I told my mom about her, that I like this girl. 

“Then I told her (Dhanashree) I don’t want to date you, I want to marry you. I said that straight away. I was sure. We had a lot of chats,” he revealed.

When Dhanashree was asked about her impression of Chahal, she revealed that was a really passionate student who would work hard on whatever homework was given to him. She revealed that it was Chahal’s decency and directness is that impressed her.

“I’ve always liked people who are passionate about their passion. I used to watch cricket for a long time but when I stopped watching cricket, he made his India debut. I think, that is a really good thing. When he messaged me that he wanted to take dance classes, I had no clue who Yuzi Chahal was. He was very sincere about dance and I liked it. Whenever I would give him homework, he would practice too. He used to send videos, asking where he can do good. This is why the classes lasted for 2 months. Decency is what I loved about him. The way, as a student who he was with him, as a friend who he was with me, and the direct approach, no one does that,” she said on the show.

In the times where people like to explore options, the fact that Chahal approached her directly for marriage, Dhanashree admitted that it left a big impression.

“It’s easy for everyone to explore options, meet more people socially. He was straight up like I want to marry you. I never had the pressure of getting married. I was very happy with my life, everything was good,” she said.

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