Man climbs down slippery boulders at beach to rescue trapped turtle

Man Climbs Down Slippery Boulders at Beach to Rescue Trapped Turtle

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A video of a man rescuing a turtle stuck among boulders at a beach was posted on Instagram. The video is heartwarming to watch.

Man Climbs Down Slippery Boulders at Beach to Rescue Trapped Turtle
Man Climbs Down Slippery Boulders at Beach to Rescue Trapped Turtle

The videos that show people taking action to help trapped, stuck, or injured animals are always amazing to watch. Those are the videos that leave many people happy and smiling. One such video was posted on Instagram that shows a man rescuing a huge turtle stuck between boulders at a beach.

Instagram user Cakiez posted the video. “I was taking a walk today with Kevin when we stopped by this spot earlier and we stood watching families of turtles devouring the algae on the rocks. We left further down chatting and on our walk back home we noticed this turtle stuck between the rocks unable to get out, trying its hardest to swim out with each swell. Unfortunately, I am not too strong to pull this big green fella out but thankfully a local was around to help get him safe and back to his family!” she explained.

The video gained attention after being re-posted on the Instagram page Good News Movement. “TURTLE RESCUE! Hero is able to free a turtle that was wedged and stuck between some rocks and boulders,” they wrote as they shared the video.

The wonderful clip captures how the man climbs down the slippery boulders without any hesitation to rescue the huge turtle. Not only does he help the creature get out from between the boulders but also gives it a little push to help it swim.

Did the video leave you with a warm feeling in your heart? Well, you are not alone. Several netizens took to the comments section of the video to express how they loved the heartwarming clip.

Here are some of the reactions to the turtle rescue video:

“As someone who has worked rescuing sea turtles, what that man did was nothing short of incredible. Sea turtles are extremely heavy and strong as hell. Bravo!!!!” praised an Instagram user. “I hope he catches all the green lights every time he drives,” wished another. “Love how the waves kinda calmed down while he was there with the turtle too! Mother Nature,” expressed a third. “I think humans were meant to be here to help all the other animal species not hurt them. Let this be a reminder of that,” wrote a fourth.

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