“NDA’s Vote Share Will Go Over 50% In 2024”: Top Quotes From PM’s Speech

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “In 2014, the vote share of the NDA was just 38 per cent, but In 2024, the vote share will go over 50 per cent and in the third term, the Indian economy will be third in the world.”
The Prime Minister countered the Opposition parties’ alliance and said, “A glue of selfish gains binds them and these parties are forming an alliance out of greed.”
Prime Minister Modi pointed out rifts in the Opposition alliance and said, “In Kerala, the Left and the Congress are against each other but in Bengaluru, they are hugging each other.”
“The Opposition parties can come ‘paas-paas‘ (close to each other) but not ‘saath-saath‘ (together),” the Prime Minister said.
At the grand meeting, the Prime Minister said, “Everyone knows India will face elections next year and countries think twice before signing deals with nations that are slated to go to polls but India’s case is different and the US, Australia, France, and UAE are signing long-term deals with India.”

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