Prithvi Shaw: "Going For Dinners Alone, Wherever I Go, Trouble Follows"

Prithvi Shaw: “Going For Dinners Alone, Wherever I Go, Trouble Follows”

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There’s no doubt that Prithvi Shaw is one of the most talented batters India ever had. The 23-year-old player made his international debut in 2018 and played some great knocks for India. However, the last couple of years has seen a huge dip in his form, which resulted in him getting dropped. Shaw, who had a forgetful outing in IPL 2023, has been excluded from all three formats of the game. Apart from his cricketing career, the opening batter is also having a tough time in his personal life. 

In a recent interview, Shaw stated that he prefers staying back at his home as the public will “harass” him if he goes out. He also spoke about the mental trauma which he goes through after seeing the posts about him on social media. 

“I do think about a few things. But I don’t take too much pressure back to my room. If I’ve gotten out early, it’s not like I can go and bat again. So the focus is on my next inning. I just go back to my room and relax, take a shower, and play PlayStation – FIFA, Call of Duty, or Uncharted. If I go out, people will harass me. They will put up something on social media, so I prefer not to step out these days,” Shaw told Cricbuzz.

The Delhi Capitals opener also revealed that he has been spending time alone these days and even went to watch a movie all by himself. 

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“What do I do going out? Jaha bhi jaau, kuch na kuch hota hai (laughs). Jaana hi band kar diya hoon (Wherever I go, trouble follows. I’ve stopped stepping out altogether). These days, I’ve been going alone even for lunches and dinners. I’ve started enjoying being alone now. A few days ago, I went alone to watch a movie – Insidious. Baap re baap, khatarnaak movie tha bahut (It was too scary). Glad it wasn’t in 3D. I was alone, couldn’t even ask someone to come and sit next to me (laughs),” said the batter. 

Earlier in February, the Mumbai cricketer faced a lot of backlash after an altercation at a nightclub with social media influencer Sapna Gill and some of her friends. While Shaw accused the influencer of breaching his personal space, Sapna, in turn, pressed charges of molestation on the cricketer and even said that he started the fight.

While no hard action was taken against Shaw, the police went on to arrest Sapna and her friends. 

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