Remember The Blue-Eyed Pakistani Chaiwala? He Now Owns A Cafe In London

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In 2016, a blue-eyed tea seller from Pakistan became an overnight sensation after a photographer named Jiah Ali shared a picture of him on social media. Now, the chaiwala named Arshad Khan is making headlines again as he now owns a cafe in London as well.

Mr Khan who went viral for his striking looks in 2016, has opened Cafe Chaiwala on East London’s Ilford Lane – an area populated by mainly Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. The cafe boasts traditional and cultural South Asian elements, from truck art and a hand-decorated Vespa, desi paintings on the wall and the interior that is modern and Dhabba at the same time, according to a press release by the cafe.

Sharing details about the cafe, Mr Khan said, “My visit is being planned and I would love to brew tea for my loving fans. I have received thousands of requests for a London visit. Our first international Chai shop is now open on Ilford Lane and the response is massive already. With the Durrani brothers, we decided to start from Ilford Lane due to the fact that it’s home to a large number of Pakistanis and Indians who love Chai. I will be in London soon in person.”

The Cafe Chaiwala is set in a proper design and style to promote South Asian culture and to give the real feel and look of what Chai cafes should look like.

Mr Khan has been personally posting about his journey as an entrepreneur on his Instagram account.

See the post here:

After Mr Khan achieved global fame with the viral picture, he was offered several modelling gigs and acting jobs. While he did foray into the entertainment business, the chaiwala in 2020, opened his first cafe in Islamabad named ‘Cafe Chaiwala Rooftop’.

In his previous interview with Urdu News, he said that the name ‘chaiwala‘ holds a special place in his heart, as it is an integral part of his identity and an easy reminder of the journey he has taken.

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