Tea Vendor Manages Traffic On Flooded Road, Earns Netizens’ Praise

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A tea vendor played a Good Samaritan by managing traffic on an inundated road amid heavy rains in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city.

A photograph of the tea vendor getting drenched while sitting on a bench placed on an open manhole is going viral on social media, with netizens lauding his selfless act and at the same time criticising the Indore Municipal Corporation.

The incident took place yesterday when heavy rains pounded the city, leaving roads waterlogged.

Talking to PTI today, Rahul, who runs a tea stall in Bhamori area of the city, said, “Due to heavy rains, water was flowing from three sides on the road in front of my shop and many passing vehicles were getting stuck and had to be pushed out.” 

Rahul said he opened the lid of a manhole on the road to drain out the water and put a bench over it. “I sat on the bench and managed the traffic to ensure that no one fell into the pit and got injured because of the heavy rains,” he said.

It took nearly two hours for the accumulated water to drain out of the road, the tea vendor said, pointing out that no municipal staffer had reached the spot. 

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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