Tom Holland faces backlashes for explicit scenes in ‘The Crowded Room’, ‘shocked’ fans can’t believe what they saw

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Tom Holland continues to show his versatility in acting, this time performing an intense sex scene with a man in The Crowded Room, an Apple TV original series. Friday’s episode went viral on social media and fans now have a deeper understanding of why this is the most complicated role of his career.

Holland, 27, recently stated he had to take a break during filming because the role of Danny Sullivan broke him. Filming is long done, but the reason for the actor’s exhaustion is becoming clear.

In the show, Holland plays a young man arrested on suspicion of committing a chilling crime. His multiple personality disorder is revealed during interviews with an investigator portrayed by Amanda Seyfried.

One of the personalities Holland’s character struggles with is a woman named Ariana, who is the one to have sex with a man in the episode.

Viewers praised Holland for an exceptionally brilliant performance and versatility, especially in such an inclusive role.

Reactions to Tom Holland’s Performance

The first five episodes of The Crowded Room offered little hints as to the imminent sex scene, which also left viewers in shock.

Holland’s character deals with deep psychological issues that come to a climax in the viral sex scene, but fans were still caught off guard. There was also some hate by some who didn’t appreciate their “favorite Spider-Man” performing a sexual act with a man on camera.

The show, however, does a great job of making the character come off as a victim of mental health issues, not just a criminal. Sullivan fighting his demons and criminal past is relatable thanks to writers not oversimplifying the condition.

Some viewers also decided to pit Holland’s sec scene up against his girlfriend’s. Zendaya has a threesome with two men in her tennis movie Challengers.

Tom Holland faces backlashes for explicit scenes in ‘The Crowded Room’, ‘shocked’ fans can’t believe what they saw

As the new episode of ‘The Crowded Room’ comes out fans react to English actor Tom Holland having gay sex with Elijah Jones. Tom is seen getting backshots.

Tom Holland faces backlashes for explicit scenes in ‘The Crowded Room’, ‘shocked’ fans can't believe what they saw

English actor Tom Holland is getting trolled for the explicit scenes that went on to become viral on Twitter in season 1, episode 8 of ‘The Crowded Room’. In the trending video, Tom Holland is seen getting backshots from actor Elijah Jones.

The fans are devastated, and they also went on to mention that his year-long break from movies and the roles he chooses to perform, like in ‘The Crowded Room’, definitely have a link.

In the scene that caused a lot of backlash for Tom and his personal image, the background score is Rush’ by Troye Sivan, and Tom is seen walking into a club. One thing to most certainly give credit to in this video is how the team managed to pull off such great aesthetics and visuals in terms of their shots.

As the scene progresses, Tom is seen dancing in a rather disturbing showcase of sexual gestures and moves with actor Elijah Jones. The scene later grows on to the controversial part where Tom and Elijah are taken back to the washroom scene and Tom Holland is seen receiving back shots from the Afro-American actor.

If you think this is where the controversy stops, it’s only getting started. The scene is later shifted to the part where he is seen in a room where Tom snorts a line of cocaine and later goes on to perform more sexual activities with the black man.

A lot of fans really assumed the whole thing to be CGI, but that was only because they couldn’t believe what they had just seen.

A Twitter reaction from a fan also stated, “He’s getting f*cked in bathrooms, Zendaya’s getting tag-teamed in her new movie… these two are going all out.” the fan, hinting at the former couple’s official breakup.

On the contrary, there have been a few positive messages as well from fans; for instance, one said, “I literally cannot understand how someone could get upset by this. He’s an actor in a movie other than Spider-Man. It’s literally his job to do different roles.”

However, the show didn’t really start off with such momentum but now seems to have gone quite the distance at episode 8.

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