Watch: Singer Mary Millben Touches PM Modi's Feet After Singing 'Jana Gana Mana'

Watch: Singer Mary Millben Touches PM Modi’s Feet After Singing ‘Jana Gana Mana’

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Ahead of the event, Ms Millben had said that she was deeply honoured to perform the Indian national anthem for Prime Minister Modi.

American singer Mary Millben touched Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s feet and sought blessing after singing India’s national anthem Jana Gana Mana at the concluding event for the official State Visit of the Prime Minister.

Ms Millben, 38, sang the Indian national anthem at an invitation-only event hosted by the United States Indian Community Foundation (USICF), at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC.

A prominent African-American Hollywood actress and singer, Mary Millben is highly popular in India for her singing of the National Anthem Jan Gana Mana and Om Jai Jagdiseh Hare.

PM Modi’s powerful spiritual aura and rootedness in Indian values and culture have been greatly respected around the world.

Last month, during PM Modi’s visit to Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Island nation’s Prime Minister touched the feet of PM Modi as a mark of respect. A similar gesture was witnessed during his departure from the country as a man along with a woman bowed in front of the Prime Minister with their heads touching the ground, showed visuals from the airport. PM Modi promptly reciprocated their gesture by bowing with folded hands.

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