Watch: Woman Pulls Toll Plaza Employee’s Hair, Pins Her To Ground

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A woman was caught on camera misbehaving with a toll plaza employee in Greater Noida. The incident took place at Luharli toll plaza, which comes under the Dadri police station in Uttar Pradesh. The hair of the toll plaza employee – also a woman – were pulled and she was pinned to the ground for asking to make toll payment. The footage was captured on a CCTV camera installed at the toll plaza and is going viral on social media now.

The video shows the woman entering the toll booth and confronting the female employee. In an act of aggression, the woman grabs the face of the employee, who is sitting on a chair, with one hand and her hair with the other after a brief argument.

The woman’s brazenness doesn’t stop there. She keeps threatening the employee for following her duty.

The toll plaza employee tries to break free but the woman’s grip proves to be too much for her. She falls from the chair but the woman keeps squishing her face, as seen in the video.

Two men then enter the toll booth and ask the woman to leave.

In the second part of the video, recorded by a different CCTV camera, the woman is seen coming out of the toll booth and forcibly removing the barrier.

Other employees of the toll plaza try to reason with the woman and her aides but they refuse to listen.

Buses, two-wheeler riders and other commuters are seen passing by from nearby lanes.

The police have launched an investigation after receiving complaint from the company that manages the toll plaza on National Highway 91.

According to the complaint, the woman and her aides tried to cross the toll plaza in their car saying they live in a village nearby. The trouble began after the female employee asked for their identity card, the complaint further said.

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