10 Lakh Kg Drugs Destroyed A Year In India. Here’s How Much They’re Worth

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Anti-drug agencies destroy nearly 10 lakh kilograms of narcotics across the country annually, which in an open market would fetch nearly Rs 12,000 crore, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said today as he virtually oversaw the destruction of drugs worth over Rs 2,300 crore.

The Centre has taken a humanitarian approach towards the victims of drug abuse even as its crackdown on drug lords and cartels gained momentum in the last nine years.

The Union Minister, while appreciating the efforts of various investigating agencies to curb drug use and sale, said that there has been an over 200 per cent rise in the registration of cases related to drug use and sale under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rule.

“Our aim is to ensure that no one gets addicted to drugs… Our aim is to make the country drug-free and secure. I appeal to all the chief ministers and Lieutenant Governors to extend all possible cooperation for it,” Mr Shah said, addressing a conference on “Drugs Smuggling and National Security”.

At the conference, he virtually oversaw the destruction of over 1.40 lakh kg of drugs across the country worth Rs 2,381 crore.

Highlighting the government’s resolute stance against drug trafficking, Mr Shah said that only 1,250 cases were registered in the UPA rule between 2004 and 2014. But under PM Modi’s nine-year rule, this number touched 3,700.

“From 2014, we have registered 3,700 cases so far, which clearly indicates an almost 200 per cent increase,” Mr Shah said.

In the UPA era, 1,360 arrests were made. Under PM Modi, this number rose to 5,650. “We have been taking a humanitarian approach towards people who consume drugs but still there has been an increase of 300 per cent,” he said, adding that the quantity of drugs seized has also seen a hike.

“Between 2004 and 2014, 1.52 lakh kilograms of drugs were seized, while 3.94 lakh kilograms of drugs have been seized since we came to power in 2014. This is a 160 per cent increase. I also want to stress that it is not the quantity but the quality of drugs being seized,” he added.

The Union Minister also asked the director of the Narcotics Control Bureau to write to the state governments to ensure the seizure of properties owned by those involved in drug-related cases. The financial aspects of the arrests must be handed over to the Enforcement Directorate, Mr Shah said.

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