Brad Pitt, 59, Has The Internet Swooning Anew. Did We Mention He’s 59?

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Nothing could distract the Internet from the glorious Novak Djokovic versus Carlos Alcaraz men’s final at Wimbledon yesterday – except, in a teeny tiny way, Brad Pitt in the stands. A galaxy of stars showed up to watch Carlos Alcaraz win his first Wimbledon title, beating Novak Djokovic in a five set thriller. In the celebrity-studded crowd were Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Aamir Khan, Ariana Grande, Tom Hiddleston and Andrew Garfield. However, there was no competing with the buff blonde presence of Brad Pitt.

The official Wimbledon Instagram dedicated an entire post to him, writing, “Welcome to Wimbledon, Brad.” The comments thread is overwhelmed by those smitten by the American actor (“He still looks amazing,” “The man behind millions of smiles,” “That’s just illegal”) and those who cannot believe Brad Pitt is pushing 60 (he’s 59). “60 years old and still more handsome than 99.99% of the men who lived before,” gushed a comment. Many comments invoked The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, a film in which Brad Pitt played the eponymous hero with the distinction of ageing in reverse.

See Wimbledon’s post here:

Twitter is also deluged with thirsty tweets. Most focused on Brad Pitt’s age and several tweets compared him to others of a similar age – former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for instance. BBC Sport chimed in by pointing out that Brad was older than Novak Djokovic, 36, and Carlos Alcaraz, 20, combined.

Brad Pitt is three years older than Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz combined 🤯#Wimbledon

— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) July 16, 2023

Brad Pitt is the same age as Boris Johnson.

— KoH (@pinguforest) July 16, 2023

Brad Pitt and Boris Johnson are both 59 years of age.

— James Melville (@JamesMelville) July 16, 2023

I’m a straight, happily married guy with 2 wonderful kids but dear me, Brad Pitt is the best looking man I’ve ever seen.
He’s 59 as well! 🤷🏻‍♂️

— Bo Hughes (@BoHughes09) July 16, 2023

Brad Pitt is always snacking , is 59 and still looks the most stunning guy in the room . In any room.

Preserve those genes of his

— Saket 🪄 (@NoDarkSarkasm) July 17, 2023

I’ve got a multi-pack of Walkers crisps in the cupboard if Brad Pitt wants to come over.

— Xenia Karayiannis (@_XeniaKara_) July 17, 2023

Brad Pitt has no official socials and is likely unaware of the renewed adulation of him online.

Brad Pitt, who won an Oscar for his performance in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, was last seen in Babylon. The actor is in the UK to film an untitled film about Formula One racing, production on which has reportedly shut down because of the actors strike in Hollywood.

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