PM Modi Talks Of “Negative Alliances”, Contrasts I.N.D.I.A With Bharat

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a sharp attack on the new opposition this evening, declaring that alliances “built on negativity has never won”. Without naming the fresh minted I.N.D.I.A, PM Modi, addressing allies at the mega meet of NDA, said, “When an alliance is dynastic and corrupt, the country will lose”. Against I.N.D.I.A — which opposition said will represent the voice of the nation – the Prime Minister spoke of Bharat, the poor and the backward classes whom the NDA represents.

The letters of NDA, he said, represents New India, Developed Nation and the Aspiration of People and Region. It is not a coalition of compulsion but of contribution, he added.

“Today people are seeing who all are a part of NDA. They work for the shoshit and vanchit, adivasis and peechhdas (exploited and deprived, tribals and backwards)… It is dedicated to the people of the country. Its motto is Nation First, Progress First, Empowerment of the people first… NDA is doing social justice as envisioned by Gandhi and Ambedkar,” he said.

“When we assure the poor of free healthcare, we secure the future generations… The NDA schemes have broken the vicious cycle of poverty… I went to a tribal village in MP and met tribal women. They told me they have become lakhpatis with the help of Self-Help Groups,” he said.

Then, in an all-out attack on the Opposition, he said, “In Kerala, Left and Congress are at loggerheads. But in Bengaluru, they are hugging each other… Their reality is for the people to see. They can come close but can’t walk together”.

The first NDA meet ahead of the next year’s general elections coincides with the mega opposition meet in Bengaluru. The sudden decision to hold the meet and its date have drawn Opposition barbs.

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