“Whenever Somebody Stands Against India…”: Rahul Gandhi On “I.N.D.I.A.”

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Setting up an ‘NDA vs INDIA’ battle for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, 26 opposition parties decided to call their alliance the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (I-N-D-I-A) after a mega meeting in Bengaluru today. The next meeting of the parties will be held in Mumbai. 

Here’s what some of the key opposition leaders said after the meeting:

Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader

It’s an honour for me to be here at this meeting. The idea of India is being attacked. The voice of India is being snatched from millions of Indians and being given to a few businessmen who are close to Narendra Modi.

This is a fight for India’s voice and that is why we have chosen this name –  Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (India).  The fight is between NDA and India, between Narendra Modi and India and their ideology and India. We are defending the Indian constitution, the voice of our people and the idea of this great country, the idea of India. We all know who wins when someone takes on the idea of India.

Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal Chief Minister

Today the meeting was very good, constructive, fruitful. We will call our alliance Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance, which is India in English and Bharat in English. NDA, can you challenge India? BJP, can you challenge India? We love our motherland. We are the patriotic people of the country. We are for the country, the world, for farmers, for all. 


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